Friday, November 9, 2012

Its Official - we are 3 years old!!!

Happy 3rd Birthday to Recycled Relix!!

We are proud to have achieved this milestone.
It has been full of ups and downs and it has been 
tough in this economic climate but we are still open!

So to all our regular and visiting customers we thank
you for your custom.

Here is a glimpse of our shop as it looks at the moment.

This is in the front room and is a grand entry piece.
Lovely Edwardian Mirror Backed Sideboard.

The window shot.
I love the Deer Antler Bouquet.... on the Shabby Chic
Pine topped Dinner/Hall Table

Another view of the room.....
Our 4 leaf Edwardian Screen - handpainted

Our new piece.... the Dresser Cabinet against the far wall
can hold soooo much.... looks bigger in real life

The Queen overlooks a multitude of kitchenalia
Pity Prince Charles and Camilla didn't pop in yesterday...

Everything and the kitchen sink

Another view of the shop.....

Our cedar chest of drawers and a lovely Art Deco inlaid coffee table.

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations. The stock looks great.
    Have a nice weekend Cathy.

  2. Happy Birthday!

    I'd like to camp out in your shop. I'm admiring the set of four blue glass canisters, the Edwardian screen (that's very, very nice) and I quite like the rocking horse in the window and the Edwardian sideboard is just beautiful - don't make sideboards like that anymore.

    You've done such a good job on the shop the pictures look great.

  3. Congratulations! So happy for you!


  4. happy birthday to you...yes you were right ...i a m still coming..i promise (just don't hold your breath!!!!)i will tell you all about it when i get there....when i get there...when i get there....when i get there.....he he!!!

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday Recyled Relix! I am still hoping to come and see your shop soon!
    kate :)