Saturday, July 9, 2011

How's this for co-incidence????

So this is a just a little spooky.....

A couple of weeks ago a guy came into the shop, who had never been in before. 
It happens quite regularly where people who live in Launceston pop into the shop for the first time..... 
even though we have been open since November 2009!

He had a good look around and then bought some Britains Ltd Lead Soldiers with machine guns.
He collects Lead Soldiers.

Nothing unusual about that - I know.

Then as he was paying for the Soldiers he happened to glance down into the jewelry cabinet.

This is where it gets spooky.

He just happens to be Scottish - I just happened to have a Sterling Silver Plaid Brooch in my cabinet.
It just happens to have the same "coat of arms" 
as his home town in Scotland called Moffat.
(Moffat is a tiny historical town of 2500 in Southern Scotland 
famous for being home to the World's Narrowest Hotel).

He didn't want me to get it out of the cabinet, I told him the latin words
 "Nunquam non paratus" meant "Never Unprepared".
He knows Moffat's town motto as "Ready, I Ready"

 He stood there gazing at it, slowly shaking his head. 
He couldn't not touch it (in my opinion) so I ignored his objections and took it out to show him

It is a lovely piece - solid Sterling Silver c1909

He bought it. 

He told me when he bought it that it had the same details as
his sash cloth badge and that he would bring it in and show me.

Today he did just that and the other spooky thing we discovered
on viewing them side by side was that it also has
 the exact same motto.

Isn't it just the most amazing rehoming story??? 


  1. Wow Cathy
    I wonder if he knew the family?
    Great story.

  2. Some things really happen for a reason, how wonderful :)

  3. EEEWWWW.. those sort of tales give me goosebumps.... i dont believe in fate you know...i believe that all things happen because they are meant too be...freaky sometimes i know... but a warm fuzzy freaky.

  4. That's got to be a lovely perk of your business - 'rehoming' (love the word!)to just the right person.
    That's a story he'll be spreading as well!