Sunday, July 17, 2011

Wendy the Wildebeest.......

Well here's the latest addition to our shop.....
She is a very large and heavy Wildebeest.
Very much a statement for your home, bar room or Big Boys shed.....

She seems to follow me when I walk through.....

She is quite deep and will be nicely positioned above a mantlepiece....

They are an interesting looking beast with a flat nose and flat spots just below their eyes.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

See you in store soon!


  1. Dunc just said "Where does Cathy find this stuff????".

  2. Cathy!! Where on earth would that come
    I can see it in a lodge somewhere in the mountains.
    You must keep us informed.

  3. poor creature ...i want to see it still running free, kicking it heels up on the Savannah... sorry.. i hope it finds a good home just wont be in mine...(too modern for that..he he)

  4. Hey Cathy
    How do you know Wendy is a girl???
    Please tell.