Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Letter to the Editor No.3

Amazing! So you have to pay someone from Sydney to assess the clock? Just because you have some complaints from a few Quest guests? I live in town and yes I have already voiced my opinion on this matter but I am also a business owner who relies on the tourist dollar to earn a living. The tourists who visit my shop always complain loudly about parking, the lack thereof of free parking and the cost to shop when you park in the city. So if you are going to consider silencing the clock how about stopping the parking fees that stop the many tourists visiting my shop and the CBD! Don't stop the clock for a few Hotel guests - stop the parking fees for the many hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit our City!


  1. Yes, I agree, the parking fees are appalling and I just love listening to the chimes of the clock. I live in Trevallyn and during the day the sound of the bells floats over the river. I love listening to the ringing on a still night. It is just a pity that the PO is no longer the PO. I think they should move right back in!!

  2. I think you only really hear the clock if you are awake already in my experience. The clock is a part of the city and a link to past times. The parking fees are really over the top sometimes. I understand that if they weren't charged so vigilantly then workers would park in all the spaces but how about we address that issue too. Make it economical for workers to use buses ( most often it's dearer) and provide some all day parking for workers.

  3. I love the clock. I used to lie awake at night listening in the silence so I could hear it. It's one of the things I miss about Launnie.
    As for parking costs, don't get me started LOL

  4. Hi Cathy
    Is there a proposal to stop the clock or limit the chimes during the night?
    I can see merit in keeping it down say between midnight and 6.
    Council should ave thought about all this when giving a license to Quest.
    I love the chimes. It would be sad to lose them.
    How do other cities cope? I don't remember hearing bells all night in Italy.

  5. the chimes are part of the city !
    I could understand, like Chris says, a quite period, but isn't this why we go on holidays, to experience that which is not our own backyard ?
    And I hate to say it, you pay a lot more for parking in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne then you do here, and the fines are even higher.

  6. HOW LONG HAS THAT CLOCK BEEN THERE FOR GOODNESS SAKE..... it is like the trains that go by here...we love their busy rumbling sound(have to post about that soon)... what was cotton wool invented for ????(the hotel should supply it free) if you dont like the clocks chime ..stuff some cotton wool in your ears ..or better still ...move hotels!!!!!

  7. Hear Hear!
    My business relies a lot on a peaceful environment for Clients - we hear the clock from our treatment rooms - and although it concerned me a little to begin with, none of my Clients care! Plus it has saved me a few times when I've lost track of the time!!