Wednesday, July 13, 2011

New bits'n'pieces in store now!

The sun is shining and it is a rather nice day - if you are near a heater!

Heres some new and interesting pieces.....

Early 1930's Depression Meat Safe

Meerschaum Mermaid Clay Pipe

Meerschaum Mermaid Pipe side view.....

Horn Gun Powder flask...

Volkswagon Tin Pedal car......

Some of our most recent bottle stopper additions.....

Hope you are having a great week.

:Let me know what you think of the new bits'n'pieces.


  1. I love the meat safe Cathy
    Hope it finds a good home.

  2. keep that address and phone number for me for the washing machine please Cathy... mine sounds like a jet engine taking off and it is nearly at the end of its life (i have had it for over 12 years)and i am sure it is going to go really soon....
    you have such diversity in your it all...

  3. wow, some of the items you have are mind blowing. that mermaid pipe would be worth collecting for those pipe collectors. but personally i love that 1930's meat safe.

    keep posting

    ~ diana