Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Market magic

I know I have said this before ..... but I do love the markets.... Inveresk markets that is.
And the "Recycled Relix" stalls are where you will find us every Sunday.
The best part of the markets is meeting new people, finding out what they like and then finding out they have emigrated from the mainland too.
We recently had a lady ask why the "West Coast Eagles" clock was not for sale. I explained that my husband is a supporter and from W.A.
She and her husband and another couple were from Corrigan - well did that bring up some memories! Luckily Michael was around and he had to tell the story of his conception.... just happened to be on a farm in Corrigan ..... a whole 55 years plus ago..... ewe!!
Anyhow it was nice for them to connect and he was able to recommend a few places to visit and they went away dazed (I am sure) and happy with an antique jug.

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