Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mother Nature in all her glory

We visited the Gorge recently with my Dad ( he had flown in to watch Mackenzie play Representative soccer in Hobart - they won both games :)) and I can assure you there was a big pool there..... somewhere out there in the middle.

We live with a view to the Trevallyn Dam and we love it when the Dam flows. Over the last week though it is the highest it has been since we have been here.

We took these photo's a few days after Dad went home - pity he missed the fantastic display. One gentleman also taking in the sights said that when he was a boy he had seen the level rise to the roof of the small block shed just to the right of the playground.
He also told us scary stories of being a typical boy who used to swim and canoe in the flood - amazing what we used to get up to.

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