Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ebay magic...

I like ebay.... I pick up unusual things .... I just have to remember to add the postage on to see if it is worth buying.

My latest trick is to only buy Tasmanian. So when I am looking I make sure the sellers are within a 200k radius. It means I can buy bigger things and pick them up.

Here is my latest purchase. The buffet that is.... doesn't it go well with my table? All the way from Latrobe - and at a quarter of the original purchase price.
It has enabled me to put my favourite blue & white pieces on display.
The top shelf has some really old willow china - Madison's Paternal grandmother gave it to me many years ago. It is really only suitable for display and it looks great.
The second shelp has some Spode plates - I bought 6 in a boxed and numbered set probably 15 years ago and I now have the ability to display them well.
I love blue & white.
I don't care if it is cheep or not branded - if it looks nice and I like it, I buy it.

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