Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fettish number one.....

Ok you can see the baskets on the top of my Buffet??
Well these are a few I have collected - they are not something I sell..... I just can't bring myself to sell them.
I would love to find out how to make them. I have asked the CWA in George St but they don't make them anymore - it is a dying art.
In most cases they have used old birthday cards and they are absolutely gorgeous and not to mention practical - great for taking to the markets to put all your purchases in or even just to the shops. I would prefer one of these anyday to plastic or cloth bags.
I have asked at the craft shop in Kings Meadows and they do stock the plastic etc - I just need to find someone willing to teach me or a group of us how to do it. So if you know someone please put them in touch because I would love to learn - then I could make my own modern version and sell them at the markets.


  1. I would love to learn how to make these too - there is a lovely girl in Melbourne - Finki - who dabbles, I think - I'll ask around at Brown Owls - sure to be someone who practices those dark arts!

  2. That would be great - I know I can get the gear its just about putting them together.