Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter elegance......

I have had my first chandelier installed at Recycled Relix,
I have sold plenty but really wanted one in our first room.
So thanks to Tony from Lister Electrics here it is!

It is a beautiful 5 Arm Crystal Drop Chandelier

Lovely Glass Deco Lamp

Original Painting in a lovely gilt frame, with a selection
 of Retro and Vintage Cat and Camel Ornaments.

A lovely c1899 Horse Parade & Show Diploma.

Our Green window display

Lovely Vintage Noritake Set on the table.....
And Judgeware Enamel Teapot and Pots.

A view in the kitchen....

Another kitchen view....

In the kitchen.....

In the Rustic room..... check out the dragster!
It's a mini!

The lovely Pantry cupboard with cannisters
 and Retro Goodies to desire.....

Hope you have a lovely Easter full of gatherings of Family & Friends.....

Recycled Relix will be closed Easter Friday 22nd and Anzac Day 25th.
Open on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 25th 11am till 4pm.
Open Tuesday 26th as normal 10am till 4pm.


  1. So much to see in your shop Cathy!!
    I've only just left yet see things here that I missed.
    Like the little side table with drawer.

  2. Thanks for coming in Chris! And thank you so much for bringing your friends too.

    Hope to see you again soon.


  3. Thanks so much for the lovely pheasant - couldn't keep him secret - so gave him to Dunc as soon as I got home - he loved him - now he is living on our mantel. Hopefully it won't be another 6 months before I make it in!

  4. The green window display really caught my eye. It's so fresh. Amber

  5. Love the Noritake Cathy and are they Martin Boyd dishes I see? I love them - I only have two. Maybe one day I will add to the collection, I start to scare myself with collecting though! :)