Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mackenzie & Michael are back from Sydney!

After a very full on 7 days away the boys returned Saturday night.


The funny thing was that the West Coast Eagles were at Launceston Airport
waiting to board their plane to Perth, WA.
Mackenzie & Michael's plane was delayed....
which meant that when they landed the WCE
were already downstairs waiting to board.

Luckily I managed to get Nic Naitanui's signature on his picture
on the back of the Examiner plus Dean Cox and heaps
 of other players that I recognised
but couldn't put a name to......
Not a very good Eagles supporter am I??

Anyhow Mackenzie waived to Nic through the glass
 and Nic waived back..... how nice.

Joe, Michael and Mackenzie..... and the Nike Mercurial Safari boot.....
Not available in Australia..... imported from the UK.....
And a boy on another team was wearing a pair..... :)

Isn't he gorgeous.... handsome......

I am glad to have them home.....
Although the peace and quiet was nice....
As was the kitchen that remained clean and tidy......
But it was starting to get cooler so I was glad to get my hot water bottle back!


  1. Glad they had a good time Cathy. Itbis nice to have a tidy kitchen for a little while!!

  2. Congratulations McKenzie....
    i know what you mean about the kitchen staying clean and the HOT water bottle...he he