Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Original Tassie Apple Labels..... different than before!

I thought I had better get back to business on my blog.....
Too much family stuff! - my husband would say!

Anyhow there seems to be nothing more colorful
than original Tassie Apple & Pear Labels....

I have blogged on some before but these are new in 
and different..... the art work on some is fantastic!

This is probably my favourite!

Port Huon Fruitgrowers

This is particularly unusual - East Tamar and lovely artwork.

I don't mean to be rude but Lalla always reminds me of the Teletubbies!!
Tinky winky, Dipsy, La La and Po.....
I did happen to watch it just a few times when Madison was little.....

Three different Lalla Labels.....

A Seal..... nice original Tasmanian Label

This is another of my favourites.... love the color and design....

Blue Moon (Tasmania) Pty Ltd, Hobart

Great to brighten up a kitchen, bar, shed or anywhere
that needs cheering up!

Hope to see you soon....


  1. The artwork is stunning isn't it. I can see that one could easily build a beautiful collection with these.

  2. Oh, I love these. Just beautiful. Now you're making me covet a Tasmanian apple sign. You know, I have a small collection of artwork I picked up on my trip to Australia in 2009 that is still wrapped up (two Aboriginal dot paintings, an embroidery piece I bought in Sydney and a cutting board from Maggie Beers) that I'm saving for my "new home", whenever and wherever that may be. It's kind of like a reverse hope chest, for when I get "unmarried" and untangle myself and the kids from our current situation. It helps me believe that one day we will have our own home, hopefully in Australia. But now I want to add an apple sign to the collection!

  3. Oh, I forgot! I also have (in my collection) a lovely little kangaroo plate from an antiques shop in Barossa. I remembered it as I was looking at the pictures of your shop goodies down below. I love browsing antique shops... I collect old teacups and little bowls and plates. One day I'll have to come to Tassie for a visit.