Thursday, April 7, 2011

April is Targa Month in Tassie!!

I get to see ALL sorts on this corner!!
It is never boring and forever changing.....

These guys caught my eye one Saturday - it was the weekend
that Ten Days on the Island started.
Anyhow I missed taking a photo when they walked past but
 I didn't miss them when they came back!

The outfit (if you look closely at their butts) is called a Morphsuit.

Not much more that you could say about these boys is there??

We live, eat and breath soccer at the moment!
The season is underway, although for us it didn't even stop over summer.
Mackenzie was selected as a Representative Player for the
 Northern Tasmania Junior Soccer Association last year and
leaves on Saturday to play in the Centenary Cup in Sydney.
He will be gone for a week and will miss his school camp.
He is the handsome one .....
third from the left in the front row.

Now for those of you who know where my shop is, you will know
 that I am on the corner of York and Bathurst Sts.
York is one way..... going to Riverside - you can't turn right.
Everyday, at least 6 times a day, (during my opening hours) I see
cars turn right - how there hasn't been a head on I will never know.
Well Targa is in town and who should turn right up a one way street??
The White's Lamborghini!!
Not only did he do a U-turn.....
He stalled it at the lights......
Didn't hinder his performance in George Town later in the day though.
He is the leader in his category.


  1. I was just wondering when we would see one of your great blogs Cathy!!
    You must see some sights on that corner.
    The oneway thing is scary. Have to confess I did it once.
    Quilt Jude has asked me to drop something in to you and I feel guilty I'm always rushing past. Sorry. You will see me soon.

  2. I used often to see folks coming BACK down York St towards the city after turning from Bathurst! Do the words 'One Way' mean anything to you?